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Staff who matter in staff matters.

Dr. Vincent Barla, US (STG III)
Staff matters pertaining to JAG & above officers of ITS, TTS & GCS.(Ph:23372103, Fax:23716099)

Mr. Pooran Chand, ADG(SNG)
Court Cases pertaining to Non-Gazetted, Parliament Questions etc..(Ph:3716723, Fax:3716099)
Mr. Amarjeet Singh, US (SNG)
Staff Matters pertaining to JTOs & Non Gazetted,
Group C & D absorption etc..(Ph:3310711, Fax:3725255)

Mr. Ram Autar, US (SGT)
Staff matters pertaining to STS & SDE grade officials.(Ph:23716570, Fax:23716099)

Mr. R K Hegde, US(TFS)
Staff matters of Telecom Factory

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