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Absorption Issues
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Process of Absorption of Group B in MTNL and BSNL resumed - Last date 20.10.2003.A single option form giving order of preference for absorption in MTNL/ BSNL/ or retention of Government Status to be used.Conditional options will be rejected, and would mean option for retention of Government status. Those who have already given option may revise if they so desire. 

IDA Pay Scales & Fitment Formula and Promotional Avenues for BSNL have been released.

Special Voluntary Retirement Scheme

MTNL Absorption - CAT Order dated 31.10.2002

MTNL Absorption - Circular dated 17.9.02

MTNL Absorption - Circular dated 9.9.02

MTNL Absorption- vacancies- Circular dated 9.9.02

MTNL Absorption- Copy of earlier Circulars

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